Technology for the “everyday” user.

Welcome to my new blog!  This site is welcome to everyone of various computer experience backgrounds.  Novice or advanced, hopefully you will find the content on this site, informative, helpful, and valuable.

Primarily, however, this site is for computer users who may have a computer, but are not as sophisticated technologically speaking.  For example, new Windows operating system comes out, and you goto site and read a review, and to you the reader, it’s all Greek to you.  Well here at TechEdgeBlog, I take the Greek and translate that into plain English, while at the same time making the information useful.

Here you will find articles related to fixes for common technical problems, product reviews, mobile app reviews, and various other things from the world of technology.  We can even have some fun by posting some things from the lighter side of the internet, sci-fi, and more.

If you are wanting to know a bit more about me, please click the “About” menu and enjoy.  I am also on Twitter as well.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see back here soon.


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