CES 2014 – What you have seen so far.

CES 2014 is just about over and to be honest, I am not really impressed overall with what I have seen.  True, the 4K displays of curved screen Samsung TVs were impressive, honestly, not much news on the hardware end of things computer wise.  Yes, there are the “wearables” and the like, but not much on new processors, save the mentioning of the dual GPU’s The Gigabyte Aorus gaming laptop.

The reason for that is just 6 months ago, we got to see the Haswell brand of processors, and other types of internal technoguts were unveiled.  You are just not going to see new CPUs turned around in 6 months and unveiled.  I was most disappointed that more newer desktops and laptops were not unveiled.  What this means is that the traditional price drop on computers that normally happens after this even is not really going to take place for a number of months.

However, what I did find out is that Samsung released a whole new line of Galaxy Tab tablets and those will be available in the Spring.  What does that mean for you?  Well, if you are in the market for a new tablet ala Android, you might want to wait until then to get it as I am quite certain that retailers both brick and mortar as well as online are going to deeply discount items like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7.

However, if it wasn’t the overpriced Roomba or the $40K projector TV, frankly, there just was not that much to see.  My advice to my readers is to keep a good eye on Fry’s and or the PC manufacturer websites for some colossal deals if you are looking for a new rig.

And please, email me any questions you have.  Malware issues, backup solutions, whatever.  Thanks for reading and see you again soon.!


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