Chromecast – the first 24 hours

Google-ChromecastIt has been 24 hours since the arrival of my Google Chromecast.  Well, not really mine, but for my mother in law.  However, as the family IT guy, if I do not know how to use it, then no one will.  She needed a solution to watch Youtube and Netflix on her flatscreen in her room.  Rather than have a bulky AppleTV sitting on the dresser, I went with the compact Google Chromecast.

My initial impressions are easy to setup.  It took all of maybe 5 minutes to insert into the HDMI and USB ports on the TV, download updates, get the app and go through the discovery process.  It was incredibly simple and I can see already, that if Google maintains this simple setup process they will have people flocking to their system.  Perhaps even some abandoning other similar devices from competitors.

I watched some TV last night from Netflix, and specifically Star Trek Voyager starting with the pilot.  Works absolutely great!  I am going to save my full review until after I have put it through a few more paces.  One thing is for sure.  Bandwidth upgrade is a must I can already tell.


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