Google Chromecast – The Full Review!

If you have not read my initial report on Google Chromecast, check it out here.  Now that you have read it, read on to this, my full review on Google Chromecast.

For several years now people like myself have been looking for a way to “cut the cable” but finding a viable way to do it has been somewhat difficult.  Without a doubt, streaming movies and TV into the home is the evolving trend, but you need the right technology to do this.  Look no further because for $30.00 right now on, the solution you seek is a mere order confirmation away!

Chromecast is without a doubt one of the best products that I have used in a long time.  After the initial setup, I tried watching some movies through the device.  Outside of a fuzzy picture on initial casting to the screen, which clears up in a matter of seconds once buffering has normalized, the picture and sound quality were awesome!  Not one single time did I see the audio getting ahead of the picture.  As for the buffering fuzziness, that doesn’t even happen that often.

The interface, which is your smartphone or tablet, is incredibly easy to use.  Just clicking on the Chromecast icon, which is the television icon you see below, the device transfers via your wireless network in the home to the Chromecast device.  This is referred to by the castingmanufacturer as “Casting” and for the purposes of this and future articles, that is what I will refer to it as well.  My only concern is that the transfer from the smart device to the Chromecast device does take some time.  However, this might vary depending on your internet speed plan that you subscribe to.  On a 15Mbps line that I have, it was decent enough.

If you are interested in picking up Chromecast, you need to understand that this is a very new technology, and there are not that many apps out there that support it yet.  However, Netflix and Youtube are some of the big ones with many more on the way.  If you want to cast something that you do not have an app for, you can download the Casting extension into Google’s Chrome Browser and do it that way.  I tried it with iHeartRadio and it was fantastic!

Overall, I am impressed with Chromecast.  The fact that I do not have to hook up some box, but simply plug in a device to my HDMI port on my flat screen TV is very nice.  Prior to Chromecast, we simply used our Nintendo Wii as a means of connecting.  Casting for us is so much faster and much more user friendly.  When considering the other alternatives out there like Roku, $30.00 is not a major investment that will give you plenty of enjoyment.  Until someone else comes along with something better and has a faster synch rate, Chromecast is the device to beat.


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