iOS7.1 update. If you think your phone is faster, you are right.

So this morning I awoke to my iPhone alarm, and I see there is an iOS7 update.  I gladly accept, something I rarely do with iOS updates from the past and proceeded on my morning regimen.  When I got back to it, I noticed that my phone was going much faster than before.  This was cause for alarm.  Take note, I have an iPhone 4S.

The cause for alarm was my thinking that my new-found speed was due to the summary deletion of my photos, music and contacts.  Something that I may add, is not uncommon with iOS updates of the past.  Much to my enjoyment, all of my settings and files were there!

The new dial interface has more rounded features and I must say the responsiveness of the touch is a lot better too.  I know that touch responsiveness was not part of the update, but bug fixes were.  When bugs are fixed in software, usually there is a increase in efficiency and or speed.  I am definitely noticing it!

If you have an iPhone and wonder about the update, go ahead and do it.  Siri is also supposed to be better on this update, and frankly, it could not happen soon enough.


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