Tired of hearing about the upgrade from XP? Microsoft will give you $100 off a PC.

Microsoft today has upped the ante on upgrading from Windows XP to the latest OS, which is Windows 8.1.  The best part about this offer is they are offering $100 off a qualifying PC.  You may be thinking their “select PCs” are crappy ones.  They are far from it!

The entire Surface Pro 2 line is being offered as part of the deal.  That means if you get the 128GB model, you are only paying $899.00 for it instead of near $1000.00.  If you want a tablet experience, but still want the ability to switch back to a laptop environment, they are also offering the ASUS Transformer Book as well for $699.00  when you apply the offering.  These are name brand machines at good prices.

Right now, you have no reason to delay the upgrade any longer.  Resolve yourself to upgrade now!  Oh yes, almost forgot to mention, they are offering 90 days of support and free data transfer.  Again, break down and just do it!


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