Product Review: Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

ImageFor a number of years now, I have used a smartphone without a bluetooth headset.  In fact, 6 years to be precise.  I was always a fan of Jabra headsets, but in regards to the Voyager Legend Headset by Plantronics, this is the cream of the crop of bluetooth headsets.

One of the things that you will instantly fall in love with is the voice interaction.  You turn it on and it verbally tells you it’s on, and then gives a status of what all is connected and how much talk time you have left.  When you are pairing it, you simply hit the voice command button on the mic boom, and say “pairing mode.”  Boom!  You’re done!  Also, if you are wondering does it pair well with a laptop or desktop running bluetooth, the answer is a resounding YES!

The Voyager Legend headset is lightweight and after just an hour or so, I forgot it was on my ear it was so light.  One nice feature I love about this headset are the buttons and switches.  The buttons on other bluetooth headsets are sometimes recessed and not so easy to push, flip, or whatever.  On this one the power button is a raised and pronounced switch clearly marked “off” and “on.”  T/he volume button is right above it and like the power switch, prounced and easy to work with.  When you are increasing the volume you will hear beeps getting louder and louder until the voice prompt tells you that you are at maximum.

Another neat feature of this headset is when you have incoming calls.  You will get a prompt telling you there is an incoming call and giving you the option to answer or ignore.  What is even more special about this is that it reads your contacts and specifically says who is calling.  For example, call comes in and it will annouce, “You have an incoming call from ‘Jim Smith’, answer or ignore?”  Also if you happen to not have this on your ear, once you put it on, it knows you have and will give the usual status report of the headset.  In my personal opinion, these are some of the best features on this phone.

Lastly, the noise cancelling feature of the microphone is exceptional.  Just the other day I was outside on my phone with the wind literally whipping in my ear, yet on the ear with this headset, I could literally hear it mitigating it.  Also, the other person on the other end hardly heard the wind while I spoke.  I have been in server rooms where it’s deafening and I can hear the other person on the line and they can hear me.

The Voyager Legend headset is without a doubt the best bluetooth headset I have ever owned.  This headset is feature rich, and call quality sharp.  If you are looking for a new bluetooth headset, this is the one.  Prices for this range anywhere from $85-$100 online.  You will not find much of a difference in price because quality usually comes at a premium.  In conclusion, the Voyager Legend Headset is a quality headset that will give you plenty of enjoyment by providing quality sound and ease of use.


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

  1. Great review, Hunter.
    Can you let me know the item # or something like that so I can order one from amazon?


  2. From: Robert Lane
    Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 11:17 AM
    To: ‘TechEdge’
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    Great review, Hunter.
    Can you let me know the item # or something like that so I can order one from amazon?


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