Decrapifying your computer

Your computer is slow, your productivity is down, and as a result of this, you have a greater inclination to kick a puppy.  (Can’t wait for the animal rights advocates to light me up on this one.)  The answer is, you need to decrapify your machine.  We are going to outline how you do this.

First of all, why is your computer all “crapped up” in the first place?  There are many answers to this, but the most common reason is that your computer accumulates lots of temporary files that over time just take up space, can contain errors, or you might have picked up some malware or spyware that is hogging all your memory and processing power.  This will cause all sorts off things to start happening such as slow web pages loading, slow computer startup, or you may start to get a slew of popups while browsing.  Below are some recommended tools to help you get the crud out of your machine.

First, clear out your browser cache.  This is a space on your computer where images of webpages get stored to help them load faster the next time you visit.  There are many browsers that are out there so I recommend using something like CCleaner.  You can also simply use the tools that are built in your browser.  Usually they are located under “settings.”.

Second, most computers come with a ton of “bloatware”.  These are program extras that the manufacturer of your machine put on your computer.  If you are not using these programs, why keep them?  Head over to the internet and download PC Decrapifier.  This is a program that will scan for common bloatware programs and in one swoop, deletes them from your PC.  This frees up more hard drive space, which gives you some more speed.

Another thing that will help is to defragment your hard drive.  What is hard drive fragmentation?  Well, I am not going to cover that, because most people just want their computer running faster.  Suffice to say, it slows your computer way down.  Download Defraggler which is an excellent program for defragmenting your hard drive.  Be warned that this is something that you do not want to run while you are using your computer for something else.  This can take a long time and ties up a lot of your computer’s processing power.  This is something you may only run once or twice a year.  If you have a solid state hard drive, which you can find out from your computer manufacturer, you will not want to run this.

Finally, if your computer is creeping along, you may have malware/adware.  These are programs that gather information about you, or could just be there to make your life miserable.  A great program to clear all that stuff out is Malwarebytes.  This program will find malware and other things causing issues, even trojans and viruses, and delete them off your machine.

If you follow these simple steps, you can “decrapify” your PC and be back up and running faster than ever before.


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